Ofallon Missouri Hilton Garden Inn

Crestline Hotels and Resorts, LLC has been contracted to manage Hilton Garden Inn O'Fallon, Missouri, a 1,000-room hotel in the city of Ofallon. Located on the west side of the Mississippi River at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interstate 35, this Missouri hotel is one of only two hotels with an indoor / outdoor pool and spa.

The hotel is home to many local businesses, including Lockhee's, the largest hotel chain in the state of Missouri. The Hilton Garden Inn's location at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interstate 35 has made it an attractive asset since it was built, according to Crestline.

The second major retail development anchoring the Lake St. Louis retail district is the meadows of Lake St. Louis. Opened in August 2008, Meadows is an open-air shopping district catered for the wealthy residents of the community.

The hotel's 128 rooms and suites feature a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness centre and a spa and fitness centre. Other amenities include a heated swimming pool, a gym, an indoor / outdoor pool with sauna and steam room, private tennis courts and a tennis court. With more than 1,000 conference rooms and 2,500 square feet of conference space, the Regency Conference Center is the second largest conference center in Missouri, overlooking Lake St. Louis and the rest of the Missouri River Valley. It has an area of 500,000 sqm. Ft. Conference room and conference hall, surrounded by a 1.5 million square meter hotel and restaurant with outdoor terrace.

Leisure guests can enjoy a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness centre, spa and fitness centre. As it is private property of the municipal association, it is not available to non-members.

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Gene Neal later became vice president of a Crow company and his wife, Hazel, ran the Lake St. Louis Country Club. Son Mike was later a founding member of the community's water-skiing club and played a boy from different mythical families in television and print advertising. Ellerman and Nathan founded the Trails Lake Development Corp. in 1962 and hired an engineer to begin the initial planning for the lake community. Nathan named the project "Lake St. Louis" in 1961 and 10 lots were sold for $5,000 each for a project that would include 625 lakes.

In the end, Crow bought the other three investors that were part of Healey Discount Corp., becoming the sole owner of Trails Lake Development Corp. and the first developer of Lake St. Louis. Those who bought land from the first developers had access to the cross-country ski tracks, water-skis, golf courses and other amenities on the lake.

In June 1975, the court granted a request from residents of Harbor Town, who were advocating the creation of the Trails Lake Development Corp. in response to the threat of development on Lake St. Louis. The court appointed Howard G. Healey Jr. and his wife as presidents with the consent of the association.

The city limits were extended by the so-called Section A, the westernmost part of the city. Originally, all property owners in cities were automatically members of the LSLCA, but as cities grew in size, the need to prevent lake overcrowding led to new housing developments that did not have LSLCA membership.

More About O'Fallon

More About O'Fallon