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Fallon, Mo. offers family-friendly activities and events that families enjoy all year round. Get ready for some adrenaline - family fun at Fallon County Fairgrounds in Fallon, Missouri, home to the Missouri State Fair and the Great Missouri Fair.

Visitors can enjoy many pleasant hiking and biking trails, kayaking, canoeing and hiking trails around Swan Lake, as well as a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, fishing and much more. The Fallon County Fairgrounds, home to the Missouri State Fair and the Great Missouri Fair, are open from February to October each year.

Here you can spend a whole day or longer to try different activities or visit various historical sites that are located here. There are many different types of activities you can try while you are out and about during the day, such as camping, hiking, fishing and much more.

The 4th of July is also the O'Fallon Fall Run, which will feature both a 5K and a 10K run. The big hit is a post-race drink to drink and eat, as well as a food truck with food and drinks from local restaurants.

All donations from this event will go to the Missouri Alliance for Animal Leglation, so please collect donations! Your furry friends will love splashing around in the pool and playing water games! Dogs behave superbly all the time on the water, paddle in and out of the pools, and all donations are collected.

There are a lot of great sights to see, and one of them is the Missouri River, which is right next to the trail. One of the settings was the infamous Zumwalt Fort, which was rebuilt as a settler fort for the state of Missouri only after the war in 1812.

Most of the city is served by the Fort Zumwalt School District, which serves Fallon, while the western neighborhoods of Byzantine and Howell and parts of Cottleville and Wentzville are served. There are two school districts in the area, Fallon Public Schools, and one of them is just 7 miles away in COTOTVille. The postcodes 63366 and 6 3368 cover a total area of 29 square miles, so it is part of a 636 code. The WentZville R-IV school district serves the westernmost part, but there is no school district for the eastern half of Fallon and few schools in the area.

The Anheuser-Busch Brewery will be hosting a spectacular light show on the Fourth of July weekend, as well as the Freedom and Homeland Festival, which will be held on the 4th of June and the 7th of July weekend. The Aquacentrum is located in Fallon City Park and offers a variety of water activities such as swimming, swimming pools, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, boating, paddling and much more.

In July, the Alligator Creek Aquatic Center hosts the "Paddling Challenge," in which participants paddle in a cardboard and tape container.

Free scorecards are provided and the course is open to all ages during parking hours, and there is no fee to play. Spend some time at Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife, from wildflowers, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians to birds of prey, fish and reptiles. Explore the two-kilometre-long and 1.50-metre-wide river park and spend time in the wild with animal and plant exhibits.

Zumwalt Fort is a great historic place to visit while you are here. If you and your family are curious about the history of the city, you should plan a visit to the Log Cabin Museum. Self-guided tours of this museum and other historic sites are available for donations of $5 for ages 11 and up.

Below is a list of various attractions that you can see during your stay and that will certainly be fun for children. One of the various attractions we can see during our stay here is the operating room of the Missouri Museum of Natural History and History.

Frontier Park is a great park to visit to explore all that it has to offer. This park is one of the best things to do in Fallon and a perfect place for a day trip to the area.

Show off your calendar for early September when the Alligator Creek Aquatic Center hosts its annual Pool of Paws. Right, bring your dog and take him to the annual "Paw Bath," where your dog can take a dip in the swimming centre. Whether you spend the day on the water, learning about the history of the city, admiring the Christmas lights and hay rides or getting fit at the Y, your family will find something interesting to do in this picturesque town.

The Family Night takes place on July 2 and includes a carnival party where you can eat, enjoy rides and enjoy live music. Take a trip to enjoy the amenities of the big city and make sure you enjoy all the amenities. Petting zoos, horse riding, cattle fighting and horse racing are just some of the activities you can do during the day.

More About O'Fallon

More About O'Fallon